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John Hoyland
1934 - 2011

John Hoyland in his studio

I remember my first meeting with "maestro" very clearly: I was terrified. To me he was this huge figure of a man with enormous talent and intellect. There was no way I was going to keep up with him, never mind ask him to exhibit his work in Truro.

To my surprise and relief he made me quite welcome even managing to throw in a few jokes. His sense of humour was always very provocative but always very funny.

I treasure the hours the I spent with him over the last years both at the studio, at Lemon Street Gallery or out for one of our famous lunches which in the early years would involve a drink , or two, and then a delicious plate of pasta. He would tell me stories of his time in New York with Greenberg and Motherwell, and often recall his friend Patrick Caulfield.

I would travel home thinking to myself you must remember these stories, as I retold them to myself over and over again.

To me John Hoyland was a genius, a contemporary Miro, who showed me great respect and trust when there were clearly other gallerists who were more established . He took a chance on Lemon Street Gallery and for this I will always be truly thankful.

The loss to the art world is massive and I personally will
miss him dearly.

Marie Louise Jones, Director . Lemon Street Gallery


John Hoyland

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